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A Collection of Short Stories


Coming this March


Perfect Imperfections

Kim is left feeling bitter towards her mother and life in general when she has to give up her dreams and support her family. But when Dave, her soul-mate, takes care of all her worries, she cannot help but be happy, and when Dave is down on one knee with a ring, life seemed to have made up for all that it took away from her. 

Anyone who knows Kim knows that she has a knack for making the simplest thing complicated, but no one saw it coming when she walked out on Dave. He may have been the perfect guy but coming to terms with her imperfections is not an easy journey for Kim. 

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Meant to be

Enjoy this assortment of stories, long and short, where life turned out as it was Meant To Be.

We often find ourselves
Chasing Rainbows, remembering our
First Kiss, wanting
Another Chance. But life
Turns on a Dime and just
As Luck May Have It
we find ourselves
At Death’s Doorstep. 
Fancy Chances come
A Day Late and a Dollar Short and we are caught
Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea and all we are left with is
Love and
A Few Boxes and A Suitcase. With
The Fix-up you’ll see, 
Together We Laughed at Life for
The Best Kept Secret was that
When We Met, it was
More Luck Than Sense. 

Looking at life’s
Rearview Mirror we see that life turned out to be just as it was
Meant To Be




What happens when someone's hobby leads to the death of a family member. Hidden secrets from history and a complicated family - will these get in the way of two people who are falling in love despite all the odds stacked up against them.


The Rajput is my next novel scheduled to release in 2018


Marrying My Mr. Right


Enjoy a slice-of-life story this Valentine's Day on Juggernaut.in


When the 'newly engaged' bubble that Jigyasa is living in bursts, she realizes that her happily ever after might be an illusion.

Will she confront her fiancé with her doubts?

Will she marry her Mr. Right? 


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