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Do you also confuse between Savings & Investments

The other day my husband and I were travelling by the local train, and I like to pay attention to the conversations happening around because they give me ideas for my fiction novels. These two ladies were sitting behind us and were having a ‘serious’ conversation about money. What caught my attention was that the one who was imparting her ‘knowledge’ was using the words investment and savings interchangeably. I am not sure about her friend, but that surely got me very confused

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Are you keeping a budget?

Two months into my marriage, when I took inventory of my credit card bills I was in for a surprise. Even if I paid my entire month’s salary as ‘part payment’ for the next couple of months, I would not have been able to clear my bill in full.

You know what that means right? I was paying the minimum due because why not, my bank was so kind to let me do that. Right?


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