WriMos Who Published Their NaNo Novels

For 30 days we sat and wrote the first drafts of our novels. 30 days flat! NaNoWriMo is long over, but Wrimos all over the world are still working on what is soon going to be novel ready for you to take a dip in and explore new cities, world, galaxies, species, future and past.
Now that the NaNoWriMo hangover is over and done with I thought it'd be nice to share some of the novels that were written during NaNoWriMo and published.

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Self – Published NaNoWriMo Novels

By Amanda Sterling Fink
Published July 5th, 2015 by CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform
ISBN13: 9781514243602

After the death of her best and only friend, Dorothy Meacham finds herself on track to become just like her mother – living off of boyfriends and government benefits without hope or aspiration. When she leaves with a mysterious stranger they took in as a boarder, she finds that his nomadic life is really homelessness and grifting – and that changing her destiny will be much harder than she imagined.
Colour My Ugly
By A.Giannoccaro
Published 2014 by Partridge
ISBN13 9781482803778

A dark tale of love, pain and ultimately sacrifice.

Rowan was born to be a murderer, trained to do nothing but kill he spends his days hidden in plain sight waiting for the next life he gets to snuff out.
When the name that crosses his desk of death is one that he cannot possibly kill he makes a decision that will alter the course of both their lives forever.
The Fuller's Apprentice
By Angela Holder
Published September 8th, 2015 by Deore Press
ISBN13: 9781514798676

All Josiah wants is a little excitement. His work as an apprentice fuller is boring, and playing in the mill’s machinery isn’t that dangerous. Everything goes fine—at first. 

All right, he’s lucky the wizard Elkan and his familiar, a donkey named Sar, are there to save his life. Even better, when his furious master fires him, Elkan offers him a job as his assistant. Josiah jumps at the chance. Traveling around Tevenar for a year, meeting all sort of interesting people, helping the dedicated young wizard and clever donkey serve them with the Mother’s healing magic—what could be more fun?

But Josiah soon learns that while matters of life and death may be exciting, they’re seldom fun. Impulsive actions, even when taken with the best of intentions, can have devastating consequences. And some choices have the power to change the future of Tevenar forever.
By Anma Natsu
Published March 27th, 2015 by Zenbi Press
ISBN 13 9780996161206

Sakura Takeshi’s world was torn apart by her father’s mental illness. Though she survived the attack that left her an orphan, the wounds to her body left her living on borrowed time. To help her get through the pain, the kind man who adopts her spun fantastical stories about his childhood friend, a magical yokai from another world. Harmless fairy tales to take her mind off things, or so she always thought…

Until the night, a wounded man appears in Sakura’s garden, and she learns that her adopted father’s stories had all been true! Kazuki is not only a yokai, but also the heir to his kingdom. Unfortunately, he is on the run from his younger brother who wants the throne for himself.

With Kazuki’s gentle influence, Sakura’s world opens up. But what point is there in learning to live again, much less to fall in love, if you’ll only have to say goodbye in the end?

If you are a fan of manga-style stories and grown up fairy tales, then you’ll love this young adult fantasy love story set in Hakodate, Japan!
Serendipity 101 (Love Story for Nerds)

By Becky Ruhter
Published January 1st, 2015
Frankie Millard is in the business of clowning around...literally. The professional clown takes on a cast of twelve eccentric college acting students for a semester of rolling around on the floor, pillow fights, and shouting matches much to the chagrin of her students.

Among the eccentric fray of amateur actors is twenty-year-old Lisa Lilly, a bored human services major looking to fill a fun elective credit. However, Frankie's unorthodox teaching methods fill Lisa with disgust and annoyance. Lisa's world soon clashes with that of her charming, dynamic classmate Wesley, an Otaku, who reminds Lisa that life can be fun and exciting. The pair build a deep friendship, especially when Frankie partners Lisa and Wesley to be in a scene together. Lisa finds herself developing very strong feelings for Wesley, a situation that puts her relationship of a year and a half in crisis. Wesley also announces he's leaving for a job internship in Florida at the end of the semester, leaving Lisa to decide whether or not she should salvage her struggling relationship, or plunge headlong into a very uncertain new love.

Welcome to Frankie Millard's acting class, where romance blossoms and anything can happen.


These are some of the many who took their writing to the end. Do let me know if you have read any of these. You can also check my NaNoWriMo 2014 novel which was published this year. Here is a quick link to my novel Perfect Imperfections