Why You Should Avoid Hibernating This Winter

Every year as the days grow shorter and the weather turns cold, we all wrap in our blankets, boil our pot of tea and Hibernate!  I love cozy scarves and knee high socks as much as the next girl, but this year I say no more.

Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) strikes down so many good people every year.  With the lack of vitamin D and daily excitement in the lives of so many during the winter months, it’s no wonder, but the good news is we can fight back. It takes effort on our parts to pull ourselves out from under the blankets but it must be done!

During the summer months, we barely have to put effort into getting exercise every day, between trips to the beaches, hikes and summer sports. But when the snow falls, and you don’t have an affinity for winter sports, you tend to retreat to the couch, and your poor muscles loose all they’ve gained over the summer. This makes it a great time to try a new sport, maybe join a team at the rec center or go down to your local climbing gym. Keep your muscles moving, and without even knowing it you’ll come out on the other side of winter with that bikini body that you thought would be so much work.

Joining a class or a team helps to take care of the social deficit in the winter as well. I have so many friends that would much rather stay inside in the winter that I start seeing very few people. While I appreciate the time alone, I also go a little stir crazy. We all need a little human interaction now and then. It keeps us sane.

Staying sane also requires us to use our mind, and challenge ourselves a little. For a lot of people fall means going back to school, but once you’ve finished college and you’re working your 9-5 job, you might have to work a little harder to find that challenge. A great way to stay social, active and mentally stable during the winter months is by taking a class. Might I suggest something creative? Or try joining a book club. Maybe you’ll fall in love with something new.

If you manage to avoid the urge to hide away and hibernate all winter, when spring rolls around you will be happier and more energized. You will be stronger physically and mentally, and your overall happiness will likely improve. So give it a try and don’t be a bear this year.

Happy adventuring! 


About the Author:

Randi Pullar is an adventure seeking, coffee loving, book nerd who wants to encourage you to find happiness in your day to day life by rebelling against routine, getting a little crafty and exploring the world around you. She believes success should be measured in smiles, great stories and lasting friendships and that true wealth are having made many happy memories to look back on. Visit her at LifesSimpleAdventures.com, and you will find tips on how to get more energy, her experiences with a 30-day yoga challenge, and photos of her Books and Bikes themed DIY wedding