The Kind of Woman

Photo by Cherry Laithang on Unsplash

When I was growing up, I had many women around me who were strong, ambitious, kind and caring. I grew up in a boarding school that was run mainly by women, so it wasn't hard to be in the company of some great ladies. But like all teenagers, I couldn't really feel connected to any particular person who could have had a lasting impact on me.


Today I thought of writing a note to myself and all the ladies who have ever felt this way. We may have grown up wishing for that role model, but it's never too late to become the kind of woman you wished you had around you when you were growing up.


Be the kind of woman who is kind and encouraging, who cares without worrying about popularity.

Be the kind of woman who offers help and shares resources without worrying that someone would overtake your success.

Be the kind of woman who is comfortable laughing at herself at the same time is not afraid to stand up for herself and others.

Be the kind of woman who spends energy lifting others than tearing them down.

Be the kind of woman who refuses to give up.


I hope this little note encourages you to create a note, something like this, for yourself that you would be proud of at the age of 85, something that you just didn't write on a piece of paper but mindfully inculcated them in your every day.


I’d love to know what are the things you’d like to see in yourself to be that kind of woman. Leave me a comment below and let’s get this conversation started.