The feeling of something is missing


"Life is great; I have the best family, lovely children, great job. There is nothing I can complain about, but I feel something is missing."

Does this sound like you?


At some point in our lives, we all have felt this way. Even when everything is perfect, you still feel that something is missing and you almost feel ungrateful to voice this feeling.

Let me tell you that there is nothing wrong with you and it is okay to feel this way. After all, you are human, and the desire to challenge status quo is the only way to move forward.


There is a delicate balance between being happy with what we have and wanting more for ourselves. And only we can decide which side we fall at any given time.


The starting point is the acknowledgment that you want something more in life. And if you are asking this question you're already there.


Often hesitation stems from fear. If you feel something is missing, but you are unable to take action to either identify what is it that you want or taking action towards that something which you feel is missing, that’s okay too. It's important to know that everyone feels scared when they are doing something new, out of their comfort zone. But it's important to do it anyway. Most often you will succeed and sometimes you won't, but there'll be no regret.


We often wait for courage to hit us but the fact is we have all the courage we need inside of us. All we need is to tap into it and be willing to look a little foolish as we do what we want.


The feeling that something is missing does not mean you have outgrown your present life; it just means that you want more. Often, we think of these changes as something big, but most often it is the small things that give us the sense of completion. So, don't hesitate to look at the little things that you always wanted to do like painting, reading books, going on adventures, going on dates with your spouse, going on family picnics, writing, dancing, exploring the city you've been living in for the last 20 years. It can be anything, but you need to give yourself time to discover that and be willing to take action and build the courage muscle.


A few weeks back I had written an article on finding your passion which might also help you.


I would love for you to comment below if you have ever had this feeling and what is it that you did to fill in that hole.