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Habits of Effective People

In today’s world, we live on social media. It’s not uncommon to share your work and wins on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter and not to mention the self-proclaimed multi-taskers who have about forty tabs open on their laptops and are working on five different projects at the same time. (I was this person a few years back.) Sometimes it feels everyone is busy and we even take pride in being ‘busy’ which means people are getting things done. Right? Not necessarily. We have to stop equating being busy with being effective.

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5 Ways to Overcome Loneliness while Working from Home

When I left my day job and moved to a new city in a new country, I was so thrilled about working from home. As my own boss, I could work on the things I liked as per my convenience. As an introvert, I feel that I easily get tired of socializing. I feel refreshed when I am alone and enjoy being alone. But within short months of working from home, I realized how isolating and lonely it could get. I realize that even introverts need social interaction maybe not as much as an extrovert, but it is important to feel mentally sane.


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