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How to Set and Accomplish Your Goals

At the beginning of every year, we hear people talk about their new year resolutions and goals. But as the year progresses, we hardly hear from the very same people about what happened to those resolutions and goals. That's probably because most of us are not able to keep up with our goals past the second week of the year.

We are at the half-year mark, and that means we still have six months left in this year to set and accomplish whatever we choose.

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Slay that To-do list

It's important first to know everything will not get done, and that is okay. Does that take off some pressure? When this realization that not everything will get done had hit me it was such a big relief.

If you are struggling with your to-do list, I invite you to continue reading and see if my method helps you too to slay that to do list.

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