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Habits of Effective People

In today’s world, we live on social media. It’s not uncommon to share your work and wins on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter and not to mention the self-proclaimed multi-taskers who have about forty tabs open on their laptops and are working on five different projects at the same time. (I was this person a few years back.) Sometimes it feels everyone is busy and we even take pride in being ‘busy’ which means people are getting things done. Right? Not necessarily. We have to stop equating being busy with being effective.

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I'm working on myself

One of my goals this year is to take better care of myself, and as a new mom, I am finding it incredibly challenging, but I see immense benefit from it. When setting a goal, I like to hone into the “why” behind it. 
Recently it has been harder. So I went back to my goals journal and started asking why I set this goal, what I wanted out of it and why was it important to me?

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Find Your Passion

Following your passion can be hard at times but finding your passion can be harder.


If you are in the phase that you are desperately looking to find your passion, I hope this article helps you get at least one step closer to finding it. It's not a comprehensive guide but something to get you started. It won't do the work for you. It’s just a suggestion where to start.


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My Love for Audiobooks

My love for the books is not hidden. If you've been following me for a while, you probably may know how much I love to listen to audiobooks. Some people may argue that audiobooks are not equal to reading books. But I beg to differ. For me, audiobooks are very much like when I was young, and my parents or grandparents read out stories aloud. That is how I view listening to audiobooks, and yes, it is very, very, very different from a movie. 

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Can I do this? Dealing with self doubt.

Doing what you have been doing forever is easy, comfortable and required less or no brain power. Some things just become like muscle memory where you need little to no effort to do them. But when you decide to do something that’s not your area of expertise or you decide to do something that requires you to learn a new skill, it’s easy to get into the self-doubting mode.

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The dark side of following your dreams & how to over come it.

I realised early on that I have this innate need to please people around me, people I know and the ones I don't. I suppose it comes with being the middle child. But the fact is that you can not always please everyone and are bound to step on a few toes now and again no matter how particular you are. So, my obsessive people-pleasing tendencies got my heart broken often. Even though over the years I learned not to let this get in my way, I was not at all prepared for what was to come. 

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