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Non-Fiction Books I want to read

We may not always find ourselves in the company of brilliant people. But books have allowed me to surround myself with people who are not just like-minded but way smarter than me. In the past couple of years, I have become more mindful of the people I spend my time with. I cannot always control it, and so there is where books come into play. Intelligent conversations, expertise, experience, whatever I want from the company I can get that from books.

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Book Talk: Short Stories: The Thoroughly Modern Collection

I thoroughly enjoy short stories, and this anthology has some gems. With over twenty titles of short stories from the last 25 years, this provides an ideal collection for the discerning listener. If you enjoy old-fashioned story-telling, you are in for a treat, and the narrators had done justice to the stories they have lent their voices.

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All Thingz Bookish Reading Challenge 2017

With all the goal setting talk going around everywhere include this site, I was feeling a little overwhelmed. There is so much that needs to be done, but then I remembered that that includes reading books. The planner in me is always happy to take out all those sticky notes and get down to it. 


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