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How to Set and Accomplish Your Goals

At the beginning of every year, we hear people talk about their new year resolutions and goals. But as the year progresses, we hardly hear from the very same people about what happened to those resolutions and goals. That's probably because most of us are not able to keep up with our goals past the second week of the year.

We are at the half-year mark, and that means we still have six months left in this year to set and accomplish whatever we choose.

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5 ways you can help your favorite author

It’s only now that I am in the writing and publishing sphere that I understand the importance of supporting authors. For a change, I was not asked for a free copy of my book. Instead, this absolute stranger asked how she could help me. So far I was only asked about getting free copies of my book, so I have a solid answer ready. But when asked how she could help me, that took me by surprise. I didn’t know what to say so I just fumbled a meek response that maybe she could buy my book and review it. Whether she buys my books or not this sure got me thinking how important it is that we support the authors whose books give us company on many occasions.


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