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5 Apps to help you with personal efficiency

In this article of the Goal Digger series, I’ll be sharing with you some of the apps that I heavily rely on to help me stay productive and improve my personal efficiency. This is not a sponsored post, and I have not been paid in any way to talk about them here. I have used each and every app for years that I will be talking about here and will share with my experiences with them.

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How to Break up with Procrastination in 4 Steps

We often find ourselves procrastinating and try as we may it can be hard to kick it and do the actual work we need to do.

Will I do it now or leave it for later? A "later" which may never come or which you land up fighting with at a rather close deadline and will consequently affect the proficiency of the work you postponed.


Why do we procrastinate?

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How to Set and Accomplish Your Goals

At the beginning of every year, we hear people talk about their new year resolutions and goals. But as the year progresses, we hardly hear from the very same people about what happened to those resolutions and goals. That's probably because most of us are not able to keep up with our goals past the second week of the year.

We are at the half-year mark, and that means we still have six months left in this year to set and accomplish whatever we choose.

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My Goals for 2018

Today I thought of sharing some of my goals with you not only in the hopes that maybe you’ll find some inspiration from them to go after your own goals but also as an accountability partner. I want my readers to hold me accountable and check in on me once in a while to see if I am keeping up with them.

Here are 7 things I am going to achieve this year:

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5 Simple Ways to Review your Goals

For a long time, I looked at review periods negatively as if my failures would define the rest of the year. But that's not the case. It's important to know why you are reviewing your goals in the first place.

What you're doing during your review period is to get an insight into all the work that you've already done. This will then help you get closer to achieving your goals.

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