Real Life Friends You Need to UnFriend

As we grow older, it gets hard to make new friends and even harder to keep old friends. College, work, married life, children, between all this it's hard to hold on to old friends and even before you know it ten years have passed and that message you wanted to send to your dear friend is still in draft.

But don't let this be an excuse for tolerating friends who serve no purpose. I know I sound harsh but let's be honest with all that is going on in your life you really don't need a trigger friend.

We all have had friends who seem perfectly kind until you meet them and come back home feeling empty, drained, negative and you wonder what happened.


Well, how do you identify such friends you may wonder?

It's hard to point out such friends as most of them don't even know that they are influencing you into thinking or acting in a way that appears to be sympathetic or relating to a situation but is altering your own behavior negatively.


It's important to watch out for friends who serve no purpose. But who are these friends?

·       That friend who subtly shame you for your healthy food or exercise choices.

·       That ‘know it all’ friend who makes you feel less for your humble knowledge on the topic.

·       That friend who loves to throw a pity party. (Constantly self-deprecating oneself is very taxing on others.)

·       That friend who always verbally overloads you without having any real conversation.

·       The constant blamer who refuses to take responsibility and blames every problem on others be it their spouse, their children, their pet, their family, their boss, the government.


It's time to unfriend such friends in real life.


There should be no shame or guilt in letting go of people you've been close to, but they no longer lift you or bring any joy. It's important to realize that your own belief big or small, is what truly matters and not whether you are being accepted by a certain friend or group of friends. And maybe your strength will help that trigger friend to break their negative habits.