Perfectionism is not equal to Productivity

I've often heard people say, "I can't put it out unless it's perfect." These people are not fooling anyone but themselves.

Perfectionism is not equal to productivity. I'm sure many of you are rolling your eyes right now but hear me out. 

How often have you spent weeks and months perfecting something only to realize that you are too late? Perfectionism can be a black hole where you are putting in the effort but your growth is not happening, and your productivity is zero. That's right just because you are endlessly shining your work/product/service offering does not mean you are productive. In fact, it's the contrary because it is holding you back from learning and growing.

That's not to say that you put out a halfhearted work. Anything you put out should show your best effort and be a reflection of you. But endless polishing and tweaking are doing you no good; it's just a form of fear. It's good to stop and assess whether the product is genuinely not ready to be put out in the world or you are too afraid of any criticism that may come your way. So when you find yourself in the loop of perfectionism, take a step back from your work, reevaluate its purpose and see if it really need more work or are you just procrastinating?

Most of everything you do, the first version, is going to be embarrassing later on because you are always growing, learning and improving. It's important to have a growth-oriented mindset but getting stuck in the name of perfectionism, well, like I said that's just an excuse.

Have you ever felt your perfectionism is getting in your way and how do you deal with it? Leave me a comment below and share your experience with perfectionism.