Listen Up!

“Listening to audio books is not the same as reading a book.”
I am sure you must be as fed up of hearing this statement as I am if you are an audiobook lover like me.
My immediate response? 
“Of course not. It’s an entirely different experience altogether. How can you compare?” 
Once believed to be a thing for the blind, audio books today are for those who love to read and don’t give lame excuses like,“I don’t have the time to read.” 
If you are a student who has to read course material and prepare for lessons, audiobooks are for you, my dear.
If you live in a big city and spend a considerable amount of time commuting, audiobooks are for you, my dear.
If you are a stay home mom/dad looking after your children, audiobooks are for you, my dear.
Whether you like fiction or nonfiction. You’ll find all genre of books in audio format.
Do you like to mark your favorite quote while reading? Audiobooks allows you to do that.
Do you like to make notes on your thoughts while reading? Audiobooks allows you to do that.
You read faster than most people? Crank up the speed.
Like to take your time while reading? Slow it down.
There are a whole lot of audiobook apps in the market. Audible, GraphicAudi, OneClickdigital and LibriVox to name a few.
Personally, I am a member of Audible since about a year now. Ever since I started listening to audio books, I realize I read more, I tend to try different genres and have discovered a whole new experience of reading.
Still need some convincing to try audio books?
Well, try these. Here I have snippets of audio books from different genres to give you a taste.
Katherine Kellgren reading from “The Cheshire Cheese Cat.”
Frank Muller reading from “The Great Gatsby.”
Jim Dale reading from “Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix.”
Agatha Christie’s “The Murder of Roger Ackroyd” narrated by Laidman Browne (1935)
For graphic novel lovers, there is something for you too.
Graphic Books
Still need some more convincing? Well, click here and try a free audio book on Audible for 30 days. If you are happy, continue with the membership if now, nothing's lost.
Happy Listening!