I am back

I am Back_pujamohan.com.png

I’m back after a long gap from blogging…


I haven’t posted anything on this blog for around three months. And while no excuse is good enough, sometimes life gets in the way. Since my last post, I have been ill. Many of you would know the reason, and for those who are stopping by for the first time, I am Pregtastic!


I am a lot better now, and the urge to write has been gradually creeping up on me again. I had big plans for my blog for this year, but I am not at all sad that most of them will not work out right now unless I can sprout some X-Men superpower.


What to expect?

In the past, I have gradually increased the number of articles I wrote each week, but now I feel it’s only practical to have one post per week. The overall look and feel of the blog will remain the same, and I’ll continue to write from my experiences. The resource library will stay intact with new resources every month or so.


With everything that is happening, I’ll attempt to post as regularly as I can so please bear with me. And I’m ever so grateful for your continued support.