How to Break up with Procrastination in 4 Steps

07-03-18_How to Breakup with Procrastination in 4

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We often find ourselves procrastinating and try as we may it can be hard to kick it and do the actual work we need to do.
Will I do it now or leave it for later? A "later" which may never come or which you land up fighting with at a rather close deadline and will consequently affect the proficiency of the work you postponed. 



Why do we procrastinate?
I find myself procrastinating when I am overwhelmed. And often I find myself postponing important work to do things of little or no importance literally. 



How to break-up with procrastination?

1. Accept:


Over the years I have found a few things that have helped me get over the procrastinating phase and get work done. 
The first thing that I do is to acknowledge that I am procrastinating and that whatever I am procrastinating over is probably overwhelming me for some reason. This gives me a chance to accept my feelings and not feel guilty about it. I give myself sometime usually a few minutes to an hour to be in that state and be okay with it. Once the time is up, I get to work.


2. Break-down:

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Next, I break the task in smaller bits. Most times we put off a job to a later date because either the work appears to be too demanding or seems too overwhelming or just too technical. Whatever it may be but the point is that work needs to be done and the best way to get this job done is to break it down in workable bits and take it one at a time. When this is done, the work will not only be easier to handle but also more appealing.
If it is a writing task make an outline for it. If it is any other type of work break it down into smaller tasks and take one task at a time. This will also increase your level of proficiency by getting you to concentrate on the particular phase you are working on. It also reduces anxiety. As a follow up to the first, it is important to set a deadline for each phase. Without you could spend so much time without making acknowledgeable progress.   


3. Isolate:


The next step is what I personally call isolation. 
Get rid of distractions that breeds procrastination, make it less accessible for you. This helps redirect your focus from that distraction to the task at hand. 
Sometimes our workplace could be a source of distraction. Relocate! Change your workstation. Isolate the distractions from you and be free from them. Next to this is to avoid and resolve any circumstance that could turn out into an emergency situation, whenever something of that class comes up never hesitate to handle them.


4. Association:


Finally what I call "association.” The power of accountability can work wonders. Tell people about your task, especially people that motivates you, spurs you to take action, gets you off your seat and gives you solid clarity about your work. Spend your free time with them. Associate with people that are productive at what they do. Spend your personal time and free time with people who will have a positive impact on your mindset and it will surely make you finish the task really quicker. 


But above all know this one fact that no one can do the actual work for you and that is the truth.  You can read this and a bunch more articles or watch all the videos on YouTube, but unless you actually start taking action, you will never be able to break up with procrastination. Now the question is will you wait or will get started?


So, this is how I break up with procrastination. Now I’d like to hear from you. How do you get over procrastination and get work done? What has worked for you and helped you? If you tried any of the techniques that I use, did they work for you? 
Leave me a comment below and let get the conversation started. 


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