Habits for an organized life


It's no secret that good habits make life simpler. It's like putting your mind on autopilot for decisions that not necessarily needs active attention but are essential for a productive life.


Here are some habits that will help you have a more productive day:


1. Make your bed every morning
There is research that shows that making your bed every morning after getting up not only looks good but it also makes you happy and allows you to have a more productive day.



2. Make a to-do list every day
Make a list of things you need to get done in a day either on your phone or write it down on paper, whatever works for you. Writing your daily tasks down clears up space in your mind and allows you actually to start working on them. Here is how I manage my To-Do list.



3. Put things back in its place
Make sure you have a place for everything and at the end of your workday/day you put it back in its place if not immediately. This will not only keep things tidy but also save time the next time you need it as you won’t be spending time looking for it everywhere. I use the 5 S technique.


Research shows that it takes 21 days to form a habit. So, if it takes just 21 days why not give it a try? 
Test it for yourself and see if these habits make any difference to your productivity at all. Leave a comment below with your experiences. If you already have these habits I’d love to hear your experiences on them.