Gratefulness Strategies


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Over the years, we have had a lot of people talk about gratitude being the key to positive emotions, reduce stress and better relationships. We know all about it, but the problem is that gratitude and thankfulness can be a difficult concept especially during hard times.


Here are my three simple ways of being grateful even when faced with hardship.


1. We are often told to count our blessings. Guess what that actually is an excellent idea. Let's do just that. Journaling is the best way to end your day and write down things for which you are grateful. You will know its benefit over a period. Today we have a lot of journals with ready templates that guide you through it. One of my favorite journal is called Thankfulness Appreciation Gratitude My Journal.


2. The act of saying thank you goes a long way. We often underestimate the value that a simple thank you can have. We all have times when we meet giving and generous people. A small thank you not only makes their day but also ours. It gives you time to acknowledge the act of kindness, however, big or small it may be.


3. There is something that most of us forget; that is to be less self-involved and get involved in the bigger picture. In other words, give without expecting. It can be interpreted in a number of ways; you may give your time, your money, your resources, even your forgiveness.


It is important to note that none of these will come easy. On trying days, you would have a reason for not being grateful, on other days you may not be able to find a reason to begin grateful simply. But none the less write down what you're grateful for, a person, less traffic, a hot cup of chai on a rainy day, there are endless reasons. Some days we have a million reasons ready at hand, on other days we just have to look a little harder. Writing them down is the key, it's like you're committing it to your memory.


As we end this year, let us take a moment, scan through these past 12 months and think of the many things for which we can give thanks.


What is the one thing that you are thankful for? Leave a comment below and share your blessings with the rest of us.


End this year with a grateful heart!