Finding your perfect match

It’s never easy to find a perfect match. So how do we find a perfect coach for our particular need?

To ensure your coaching experience is positive and effective make sure you do your research, ask a lot of questions, have a goal, get a feel and seal it with a contract.


Need more clarity? Let’s break it down.


Research about coaching. Read all about it here


Define your goals and objectives from this relationship

It’s our responsibility to have some clarity on what we want to achieve from a coaching partnership. The coach can help only when we know what help we want.

It can be business related goals, self-improvement goals, work-life balance, managing career opportunities, stress, relationship, work performance, health, and fitness, etc. It can be anything you want to improve and or excel.

It’s good to have clear goals and objectives as these will help measure your progress and will tell you your return on investment. But if you don’t, that’s okay too; a coach can help you with that as well.

They assist you in discovering how to reach your goals. They help you come up with strategies and solutions and hold you responsible and accountable for working towards your goals.

The best part is a coach doesn’t have an ulterior motive. They have only your interest in mind because their success depends on your success and so they will be giving their 100%.


Interview several coaches

It’s good to talk to a couple of coaches and ask for specific training, experience, credentials, and skills and references. These will help you feel more confident in knowing with whom you feel most comfortable. Make sure you make notes on how you feel about each coach and weigh the pros and cons. Do you feel a good rapport? Are you comfortable with their coaching process, regarding the method, length, and frequency, and the fee?

It’s a partnership that should feel right to you for the process to be effective.


Seal it with a contract that covers what each party expects from this partnership.

It should include, how sessions will be offered, how support outside of these sessions will be offered, fees for any services provided, and the initial length of this coaching partnership.


The need to have an ecosystem which allows you to reach your potential is more important today than ever before. The first step to achieving this to have the right mindset.

Get ready to have some major AH-HA moments during and after a session with Amy at The Sunshine Hut. Not only will you come out with ideas and plans, but also strategies, answers, and motivation.

If you are ready to take back the power that is rightfully yours and find a better way to live your precious life, head on over to The Sunshine Hut. The doors are always open.