Find Your Passion

I hear so much about ‘passion’ these days. How often have you heard someone say, ‘you just need to find your passion’?

Yeah if only it were that simple.


You've been busy making a career or raising your kids and suddenly feel burnt out. These are the times when the need to have some passion that can sail you through the tough periods seems more important. It may be that you are looking to hone your passion into a career or something to do that makes you feel grounded.


Following your passion can be hard at times but finding your passion can be harder.


You may have one passion, or you may be someone like me with multiple passions. For most of my life, I remember envying people who were passionate about something. I always wondered how do they know that this is that one thing they can do forever and what must it feel. And then I found mine. Writing does not come easily to me, but I like it. I like it enough to invest time and money to get better at it. I like it so much that when I don't write, I missed it.


If you are in the phase that you are desperately looking to find your passion, I hope this article helps you get at least one step closer to finding it. It's not a comprehensive guide but something to get you started. It won't do the work for you. It’s just a suggestion where to start.



Ask yourself:

What is it that you're good at?

What are the things that excite you?

Among the many things that you read what are the topics, you gravitate towards more?

What do you secretly dream of doing?

What do people thank you or compliment you for?


You may start:

Asking questions and taking notes.

Experiment with things that you are learning.

Take the fear out of the equation and take the plunge.

And most importantly make the time.