Don’t Give up on Your Daydream


We have all been in that place when one day we feel like we can conquer the world and the next day it just does not feel worth the effort.


Does that sound like you? Well then continue reading.


We all have dreams we dream of with open eyes while carrying on with our lives. Something only our heart truly knows. We spend days on end thinking about how to turn it into a reality. Finally, we even start taking some actions towards turning it into a reality. And then out of nowhere insecurities creep up and makes you doubt every single decision you have taken. It makes you second-guess your actions, and you begin to wonder if it is truly worth the heartaches, the fights, the headaches, the tears. Wouldn't it be easier just to raise your hands and give up?

The answer is always no.

So, what’s the solution?

When you hit that wall of doubt and insecurities, make sure you have some encouraging friends, blogs, podcasts, music, and books handy. Sometimes we just need a little reminder as to why we started in the first place. Someone to tell us to hang in there and that it is all going to make sense very soon.


Even when you feel like giving up, you must keep moving forward. It is going to be tough, and that should be an indication to you that you are creating something magical because nothing worth having ever comes easily.


I hope this little note helps you in some way today. If you know a friend you think will benefit from reading this do share this post with them. And if you have ever been in the situation where you wanted to give up on your daydreams I would love to hear how you overcame your fears, so leave me a comment below and let's get this conversation started.