Book Talk: Cornelius Pone and the Voodoo Boondoggle by Griffin Goins

Cornelius Pone and the Voodoo Boondoggle by Griffin Goins
Genre: Fiction | Men’s Fiction
Published: November 11th, 2013 by Contention

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“The boondoggle hath begun.”
You know how you stumble upon books and instantly like them and wonder how you haven’t heard of the author before or why the book is not getting its due? Well, this happens to me very often. But this time around I stumbled upon an author first and then their book.
Cornelius Pone the protagonist is a kid who takes the world as it is and when he learns that going through life is all about reading between the lines, he is changed. The boy who was once a firm believer that he is meant to discover a hidden treasure is changed when life happens and has to hide his true self even from himself.
But all is not lost and he gets a chance to go on a boondoggle with the only friend Trip, who has ever got him. The only problem is that he is now a grown up withreal job and real responsibilities. A decision that changes everything. And it’s on this boondoggle the two friends find themselves in a town called Truth or Consequences in New Mexico and things get real, well the real that they have to decided from the rest.
An intriguing story and written so well. The language is crisp and rich. The author, Griffin has a knack of painting a word picture with very few words. The description of places, people and time sometimes would surprise me how well I was able to imagine them with the few words that were used to describe them. It just shows just how good a word-smith the author is. 
There are some really deep stuff that happens amongst all the rest.
“Sometimes our actions resemble seeds and our lifetimes serve as pastures, and living is simply walking along in our pasture dropping seeds into the sod. It may take years for a seed to sprout. Some seeds may never sprout. You may willfully sow a seed into existence. Occasionally, a seed will fall separate from the rest an will require no sowing, but will flourish within the natural environment and receive just the right amount of rain and sunlight; this seed will sprout in its own time, with or without the permission of its planter.”
“He smiled broadly, cheek to cheek, but the sadness remained, although it did diminish behind the playful shape of his mouth. He let the smile drop and experienced the full magnitude of his sadness.”
If you are looking for an off the beat, light, and easy read with some depth then give this book a try.
My rating is 4 stars.
**I don’t give books rating below 3 (at least not as yet), because it takes a lot to write and sometimes it may not connect with me but the effort is definitely appreciated. **
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