Camp NaNoWriMo 2016

Camp NaNoWriMo is here! Well almost. 
It’s T-minus 14 days and this time I am planning to go in prepared. Planning this thoroughly is something I have not done in my previous five attempts at NaNo + Camp NaNo combined. 

 “So what is it that you are doing to prepare yourself?” 
Glad you asked? My preparations are two fold; 
1. Preparing for the writing project and
2. Preparing for the actual writing days.

So, to prepare for the writing project I answered these:-
-> What am I writing - Genre, novella, novel, poems, short stories, etc. ,
          Clarity helps save time. I will be writing short stories.
-> Outline the book
          I have all my short stories neatly summarized and written down on sticky notes.
          Check this link to know more about how to outline.
-> Character Sketches
          I like to google images based on what my characters look like (ones I have done a character sketch) which I then print and have them in front of me. (Helps me visualize the story better.)
 And to prepare for the actual writing days:
-> Tool or the writing material
          This time around I’ll be using Scrivener to write. In the past, I have used Penzu, MS WordDoc, ODF, FastPencil.
          They all have their own plus and minus, and it’s best to find something that suits your requirements best. 
-> Writing spot
          Apart from the 15 minutes sprints, which I’ll be doing where ever and whenever I can, I have narrowed down on two writing spots for longer writing schedules.
          One is my own desk and the second one is the corner most table at the close by Starbucks. 
-> Food and water
          I got me a cute sipper to make sure I stay hydrated, and now I'll be stacking up some healthy munchies. Grapes are my go to snacks while reading, let’s see if they are good for writing.
-> Consider other obligations
          Let’s be real. Life happens! And exactly for that reason, I have the 15 minutes system.
-> Schedule - doesn’t always work for me…so I'll write for 15 minutes very other hour - that has always worked for me.
-> Accountability Partner
          Find your cheerleader/s who will be kind to you when you slip and cheer you on to the finish line.
          My writing accountability buddy is Archana Sarat, my neighbor, writer and a fellow WriMo.
I’ll also be tracking my writing sessions using this app to know how I am doing. There are others in the market too like Honorless,  Language is a Virus. And then we have Svenja Liv, who offers spreadsheet to track the word count. 
-> Stay Motivated
          For some motivation check out Camp NaNoWriMo's store for some amazing goodies or just for some writing karma. 
Last but not the least (because you can never be prepared enough).
-> Writing Playlist
          Here is what I’ll be listening to while churning out the written words.
Happy Camping!