Budgeting Challenges for expecting Moms and how to overcome them

Yes, you may already know I am expecting as of this day and being a first-time mom, I feel I need to get everything for my baby. While creating my baby registry, I wanted to add EVERYTHING, but I had to stop, step back, take a look and evaluate for myself even if I can afford it, what the things that I really need are?


Some things you can control like you don't really need that high-tech baby bath tub that your child will grow out of it three months. You can control how much you spend on such items but when it comes to the medical bills, and the child care expenses in case you are going back to work after your maternity leaves are over, or it may be hiring extra help even if you are going to stay home. These are some places that you have little to no control.

If you have been keeping a budget and are having a planned pregnancy you probably have already saved enough or are saving to get you through most of the expenses. But if not, it's not too late. Get a paper and pen out and get started. If you need help budgeting, here is an article to get you started.


Some of the challenges that you probably will face even if you have been budgeting and saving to clear any of your debts, it could be tricky. Of course, it's not wise to stop paying your debt to save for your pregnancy/delivery/baby. Continue paying the minimum amount if not more and then save the rest.

In your monthly budget start identifying those expenses that you can either hold off or do without completely.

Know the things that you are willing to compromise on and the things that are just not negotiable. This will help you reallocate your money and look for cheaper options at bargain prices.


So, try these out! I hope this help.