Book Talk: 2016 Holidays Reading List

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I am back with another holiday reading list. It's time to get that cup of coffee or hot chocolate, snuggle in your bed and crack open that book you've always been waiting to read.

In the past years, I have been overambitious about reading during the holidays. It is next to impossible when you have kids, nephews, and nieces or even family around.

So, this year I have a more realistic list of just three books to read this holiday season.


With the Gilmore Girls revival that aired on Netflix, binge-watching the four episodes were inevitable. But now what? They left more questions in the air than the ones they answered. I need more!!! And the only respite I can think of is listening to Lauren Graham narrate her next book Talking as fast as I Can. I can’t wait to get into this audiobook.




Next one is the Lilac Girls by Martha Hall Kelly, a novel that has been on my TBR ever since it was published. Looking back the 21 books I have read this year I realized I needed to read something from my favorite genre, Historical Fiction namely WWII fiction.





And finally, I plan to wrap up this year’s reading list with some sexy romance neatly tied up with exciting suspense so in comes Nora Roberts with The Obsession.


What will you be reading?

I hope you are enjoying the season with friends and family and a lot of books.