Book Talk: The Good Girl by Mary Kubica

The Good Girl by Mary Kubica
Publisher: Harlequin MIRA
Released on:29-Jul-2014 (First published 01-Jan-14)
Genre: Mystery Thriller

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I never read book reviews to decide which book I should read. That ways I get to enjoy the book the way it was meant to. It's only ones I am done reading I actively search (read obsess) for what other people have to say. Do they concur with my feelings about the book? If not then what on earth are they thinking?
I am not sorry that I judge books by their cover and this one caught my eye. But it still sat in my kindle library for a while before I picked it. Little did I know what I was in for?
A mother's brief denial of the possibility that something bad has happened to her daughter. Expected!

Arrogance of an unloving father. Expected!
Determination of a detective. Expected!
Brutality of a kidnapper. Expected!
Predictable!? Well….
Reluctance of a mother to protect her kid. Suspicious!
A father’s adamance not to find his missing daughter. Suspicious!
Going beyond call of duty by the detective. Suspicious!
Kidnapper's empathy. Suspicious!
This book kept me guessing (wrong) till the last page.
Author Mary Kubica is a gifted writer. I enjoy the narrative style she has used and the way it's been pieced it!
However, at one point I almost put the book down giving up after waiting for the big pow. Thankfully I am very inquisitive and that kept me going and it paid off. The story ends with a semi predictable climax. Or so you would think until you turn the very last page.
It is excruciatingly difficult not to give away the ending. So I’ll leave it at this…
The Good Girl is a story about Mia and is narrated by Eve, her mother, Gabe, the detective investigating her disappearance and Colin, the kidnapper. It takes you back and forth before and after Mia is abducted and ones she is found piecing together the story but leaving out a single most important piece.
Make sure you add this one to your reading list.