Book Talk: Arranged by Catherine McKenzie

Arranged by Catherine McKenzie
Publisher: William Marrow Paperback
Released on:15-May-2012
(First published 15-Dec-2010)
Genre: Chick Lit | Contemporary Romance

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When you have it all, a good job, great friends, semi supportive family (because that too is a big thing) and a potential book deal, life seems great. But for Anne Blythe it was still not enough because she couldn't share it all with anyone. Her love life seem to be doomed from the get go. Even though she can get just about any man she wants the problem is they never stick.
When her latest love goes out in flames she swears off of men, but there is somethings she is just not good at, being single. So when her best friend announces that she is engaged, Anne decides to take professional help to find her a man and finds herself walking into the office of a dating service agency. But it's not what she had expected as she gives her consent to have an arranged marriage. 
Over a short weekend in a Mexican resort she is introduced to her to-be husband Jack who is nothing like the men she has dated in the past but against all odds she gives it a go and returns as Mrs Jack. To Anne's surprise each day that she spends being Mrs. Jack she loves him a little more but it all comes crashing down when she learns the truth behind the company that arranged their marriage and the secret Jack has been hiding all along.
Arranged makes a perfect beach book or a quiet by the fire kind of a book. If you are looking for a contemporary, fun romantic page turner give this one a try.