This month I’ll be participating in #AYEARATHON (Romance/Young Adult) reading marathon. To know all about it click here. To know more about other reading marathons happening this year check my post-2016 Read-A-Thons
This is my first attempt at any reading marathons and here is how I am preparing for it.
1. TBR - Picking the book/s! 
Even though #AREADATHON has a suggested read Rule by Jay Crownover, I have picked books that are more to my interest, and since the read-a-thon guys are pretty flexible that ways, we all do exactly what this read-a-thon is aimed at, i.e. READ!! 
This being my first (as already established), I am not being too ambitious about it and know my limits. I have two books that I plan to ready (in the wildest possibilities I can finish both these…well then…we’ll see what to do). First, I have World War II Love Stories: At a Time of Global Conflict and Upheaval, the True Stories of 14 Couples Who Found Love by Gill Paul and second I have Rough Around the Edges Meets Refined (Meet Your Match) by Rachael Anderson.
Yes, two very different kind of romance novels and I am guessing after the harshness of the first book the second one will pep me up.
Now that the most important part of the preparation is done;
2. Getting into the reading zone!
I am hoping for this to be an exciting experience, and hoping to take part in more such read-a-thons. Getting into the reading zone is a must thus this post. And I totally intend to flood Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram with posts about my reading challenge. So brace yourself! (Evil grin!)
3. Keep the energy going!
Stacking my favorite comfort food, energy bars, healthy snacks. And most importantly I have to remember to keep myself hydrated. (That hydra app should come handy.)
(Note-to-self: keep non-messy food to avoid oil stains on my pretty books)
Hopefully, I am going to be ready for this humongous task I have set myself up to.
For updates on my progress follow me on the various social media (you’ll find links all over my website…go look).
I’ll also wrap up my experience and learnings from this read-a-thons in a post soon. So keep an eye out for that.
I will love to hear if you are participating in this or any other read-a-thons.