A day in the life of a writer

What does day in the life of a writer look like? Well, very much like yours. A lot of social media distractions, day to day work and maybe, just maybe some writing after all. Every day is not the same, but on most days it looks like this:


5:30 am Roll in bed and snooze that alarm.

5:35 am Snooze

5:40 am Snooze

6:00 am Finally get up

6:30 am Sit in front of the laptop and read your previous day’s work. Hate yourself for writing rubbish. Think about Shift+Deleting your three months of work.

6:35 am Realize you are being over dramatic because you’ve not had coffee.

6:45 am Get down to business.

7:00 am DO NOT DISTURB on the phone turns off. Explain yourself that being on social media is part of building your “Author’s platform”.

7:10 am Finally give in and check what you missed on the Facebook and Instagram while you were sleep.

7:40 am Feel guilty for spending half an hour in the rabbit-hole of social media and tell yourself you won’t go on social media for the rest of the day. You know you are bluffing no one.

7:45 am You check you Instagram on your phone.

8:45 am Get your husband out the door.

9:00 am You have your breakfast and talk to all your relatives.

9:30 am Start going through your emails. Move the ones you’ll never read to the Read Later folder.

9:35 am Take a peek at your social media.

9:45 am Pretend to have self-control and put the phone down.

10:30 am Sit to write your book.

12:30 pm Break for lunch.

1:30 pm Get ready for a change in location. Go the nearby Starbucks and hope your favorite table is not occupied.

1:40 pm Give evil stares to the person sitting at your favorite table. Find another table and start writing.

3:30 pm You realize you’ve not ordered anything and the baristas are now giving you evil stares. You remind yourself you are on sugar hiatus and pack up and leave.

4:00 pm You get into your track pants and gear up for your walk. This is your excuse to listen to the audiobook.

4:45 pm Get back to writing.

4:50 pm Start surfing YouTube under the pretext of researching until you end up in some weird sections of the internet where you only see videos of lazy dogs.

5:00 pm Start missing your own dog. Cry and eat your feelings.

5:30 pm Binge watch The Gilmore Girls

8:45 pm Realize you’ve not met your daily word count goal. Panic and start writing.

8:50 pm Take a peek at Instagram

9:00 pm Call it a night.

It’s not all hunky-dory every day. Some days are hard, and some are a genuine surprise when words flow and nothing can distract you. But those days are scarce, and I’ll admit, nothing really exciting ever happens on those days.