5 Ways to Apply Minimalism to Your Money

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Photo by Nicole Honeywill on Unsplash


There is so much talk about minimalism these days that it feels overused and even misused sometimes. So for the purpose of this blog, I thought I’ll start with what minimalism means to me.


Minimalism to me is keeping things that are aligned with my beliefs and are important to me, that I care about and what fits my lifestyle. Everything else can go because their existence does not matter. You see, I am not saying that I want “fewer things” I am saying I want things that are “important to me”. This makes me feel lighter and allows me to live a more meaningful life.

It’s a way to downsize your life the way it makes sense for you and to live happily in that space.


Minimalism can apply to your money and spending habits. And in today's blog, I thought I’d share some ways that you can experiment with minimalism and money.




I have talked about using cash in my other blogs where I talk about budgeting, so this might be repetitive for some of you, but it’s essential, and so I’ll start with this one.

Use cash whenever possible. There is something about using actual cash while shopping that makes you double think about your purchase and you are less likely to overspend or spend on things that don’t matter to you. The less you bring in, the less space it occupies.


Clear your wallet:


If you are someone like me who likes to keep every receipt until they fade away, then you know exactly where I am going with this. It’s unbelievable how light it feels to clear out your wallet every few weeks. This also includes extra coins. Nobody needs to carry a tonne load of coins for “just in case”. Also keeping your currency notes/bills neatly is so much more practical.

You also don’t need to carry all the cards that were ever issued to you. This brings me to the next point;




One credit card:


It’s not a status symbol to have credit cards. If you subscribe to this thought, you need to re-educate yourself. And I don’t say this disrespectfully. I say this out of my experience. One card is more than enough and paying your credit card bill in full is also a smart way to keep your mental space free. I’ll talk more about credit cards and how you can be smart about them on another blog.


Unsubscribe from salesy emails:


No good comes from subscribing to brands that continually email about the exclusive sale that you need to take advantage of right this minute. If you have paid close attention, there is ALWAYS a sale going on in all stores and by all brands. And honestly wouldn’t you pay full price if you really need something? Paying for something you don’t want or need to begin with even if it is on sale doesn’t make any sense. Also, the less clutter you have in your inbox, the more work you can get done, and that’s just an added advantage.


Be smart about sales:


Sales are a great time to buy the things you want. And you should take advantage of the sales. This may feel exactly opposite of what I just said. But hear me out. You should get your money’s worth, and sales are an excellent place to do that. But buying something just because there is a sale going on is being wasteful not only with your money but also with your time.


You should be mindful of bringing in less which is good for minimalism and your money.



So, there you have it. Five ways you can apply minimalism to your money.


What are some of the things that you practice in your personal finances that helps you stay minimalistic about your money? Leave me a comment below and let the conversation started.