5 Tools for every #GirlBoss

Every #bossgirl needs a set of tools to stay organized and keep trucking in their business.

Here is my pick of top five resources and tools to help do what you do best.



If you are on anyone’s newsletter, it’s a pretty good bet that they use or have used MailChimp to send you that newsletter. Why am I so confident? It’s because over 10 million people use it. I love my little chimp and his little chimp high-five every time I send that newsletter out.




Canva is my go to photo-editing app. It allows you to tweak, crop, shine, add your text change layout and do all kind of things that you want to your images. It turns your non-existent photo-editing skills into a pro at graphic design. And with features like ready templates and free CC0 images, you have no reason to look less than perfect.




Dropbox is the perfect solution to when your email provider won’t allow you to attach that humongous photo or video. Upload, share and there you go. Working with a team or solo, share without hassle your drafts with that ‘hands on’ client.




There is no shame is accepting that your perfect English has been ruined by corporate English. Whether you are writing an important email to a prospective client or creating content for an existing one, posting on Facebook or writing your next novel. Grammar.ly has your back and checks your spellings, typos, and grammar. Easy peasy!





This has been my go-to tool for writing my novel and my blog. Just open this binder style word processor with built-in templates and go.