5 Creative ways to save money

Last year I had experimented with financial fast and boy was I in for a surprise. It's easy to fall victim to spending on things that we think we need. My experience with financial fast taught me one big lesson that we do not need everything right now. You can read more about my experiences with financial fast here.

Today I'm not here to talk about financial fast, but about ways, we can save money without being stingy.

So here are my five creative ways you can save money:


1. Pack homemade snacks while traveling
It's easy to buy a bag of chips here and a Coke there, but these small purchases eventually add up to a big amount. A simple solution – meal prep. Over the weekend prepare healthy snacks and packed them in portions. There you go, not only are they easy on your pocket but they also so much healthier.



2. Delete your credit card from online accounts
While one-click purchases are convenient if you had to enter your credit card details every time you made a purchase you'll find that you are being more mindful of what you are buying.



3. Take a staycation instead of a vacation
Nothing can substitute for the experience that you gain when you travel to a new place. But it can be fun if a staycation is well planned. Research a section of your city or a nearby city that you haven't visited. Plan an itinerary that is packed with adventure, and you can rejuvenate yourself at a fraction of the cost.



4. Cut the cable
In today's time, you don't really need cable TV anymore. With Amazon Prime, Netflix, Hotstar, and so much more on demand services and the Internet, of course, you really don't need cable TV. 


5. Cash only week
Pick a week every month where you will spend cash only. Decide the budget and stick to it. There is something psychological when you have to part with actual money than just swiping a plastic card. You’ll be surprised how your spending habit changes every time you make a cash-only transaction.


So, there you go my five creative ways to save money. I would love to hear what you do to save money.