5 Apps to Nail your work-life balance

I am married to a software developer, and there is very little I understand of that world. The one thing that I do understand is that it involves mobile apps. And I can safely say I use a lot of apps. A-L.O.T. of apps. I probably have an app for everything. So, today I thought of sharing some apps to nail your work-life balance.


If you are commuting for several hours or you are at the desk or doing laundry at home, anytime, anyplace anywhere. Now you have no excuse to give yourself ten minutes to meditate. Headspace allows you to pick a session according to your mood and lifestyle, choose the length and go. Clear that headspace of yours to live more and worry less, focus more and stress less and just be more present in whatever it is that you do.


We all like some drama, don’t we? But not the ones that drain you. Definitely not those. So how about some drama that gets you excited.

Dreamdays is an app that allows you to count days. There are always some days that you are looking forward to, like your birthday, anniversaries, events that you are attending. It allows you to countdown or count up from any occasion. You can jazz up the social shares and let people know what you are attending (and what they will be missing).


I am digging this app! I am using it right now as I am writing this post. It’s an app that allows you to focus with some white noise playing in the background. It also has a built-in Pomodoro Technique (the idea that frequent breaks can improve mental agility). It allows you to set your focus and you break time and choose a white noise that suits your mood.  


DO Not Disturb

Yes, you have this built-in to your phone, be it Android or iOS. Just turn it on and focus at the moment. Spend quality time with your family or finish your work, or set it during your bedtime. It allows you to block everything except the calls that you have allowed.

It’s the simple apps we have on our phone that we forget about. Give it a try.


Quick and easy way to make lists and notes, Google Keep is a must. Have a master list, a running list, your grocery list, leave a voice memo, scribble a note. The best part is that it syncs with all your devices and you can share your lists with your spouse or friend.



*Some of these apps are on iOS and some on both iOS & Android.