I am a goal digger

The trouble with not having a goal is that you can spend your life running up and down the field and never score.
— Bill Copeland

The feeling of drifting through your life can be crippling and de-motivating. But why do we feel this way?

It comes down to just one question, what is that you want from life?

It may seem like a big question, the answer to which can be found only with the help of a sage in some ashram.

Well, that could be a path that you may want to take, but often it is because we don’t spend enough time thinking about what it is that we may want to set for ourselves.

I feel the answer lies in goal setting. We may not be aware how powerful the entire process of goal setting can be. Not only does it help us envision the future we want for ourselves but also motivates us to strive to achieve those goals to make that future a reality. It’s powerful, that in a way it helps you choose the life you want.

So, you’ve said I want to achieve XYZ in life, and you have gone after it only to fall flat on your face. How many times has this happened to you? Once, twice, every time? Probably you are missing something in your approach.

The problem is that you are probably starting off with all you have only to realize that soon you are running out of that energy, that focus, that determination. And this begins to happen on repeat mode.

Does this sound familiar?


You probably heard that you are supposed to have SMART goals. But ever wondered how to you make smart goals?

You know you are supposed to review your goals. But you are not sure how to do that exactly.

You are supposed to have short-term, medium-term, and long-term goals. But how do you identify what is short-term for you and what is long term?


Well, I have something for you that might help.

I am sure by now you know that I am a stickler for goals. I love to set them, achieve then and talk about them.

But there is already so much written about it, talked about it. You probably have an entire folder of articles on goal setting.

What I have got here for you is not just a bunch of motivating words but exercises. You cannot skip any of these steps. You have to do them in the order they are for it to work. And by the end, you’ll have a complete plan that you have worked out by yourself for yourself. You also have planners and trackers to help you with your goals.

Head on over to the VIP Room and download your copy of I am a Goal Digger workbook. And don’t you worry about the price, this one is on me.