Can I do this? Dealing with self doubt.

Often I get caught in the self-doubt mode.

Doing what you have been doing forever is easy, comfortable and requires less or no brain power. Some things just become like muscle memory where you need little to no effort to do them. But when you decide to do something that’s not your area of expertise or you decide to do something that requires you to learn a new skill, it’s easy to get into the self-doubt mode.

“Can I actually do this?”

I recently realized I have been asking myself this question too often.

The answer always is, yes!

Yes, you can do whatever it is you apply your heart and mind. Only two things can happen. One - You achieve what you wanted. Two - you’ll set out for another goal (if you reached your goal, you'd set another one, and if you didn’t, you'd still set another one).
But what do you do when you are in that funk and don’t know whether or not you can go on?

Well, here is what I do.

First I remind myself that this is normal. 

Everyone doubts themselves at some point or another. Most often people don’t talk about it. No one likes to talk about the time they wanted to give-up. So we think that the people who achieved great things had the great motivations that lasted until the end.

No! Everyone who is doing anything worth their time has faced self-doubt.
It can also be a good check to re-evaluate the risks we are taking. It’s also a sign that we need to connect with ourselves and our WHY, which is the next thing to do.


Remember your WHY.

It’s important to be very clear about why you are doing what you are doing. I like to write it down so I can read it every time I’m going through the 'self-doubt phase' of every project I undertake.

After going through some crushing moments of self-doubt, I have created a process to get over it, and the WHY behind every action is the most important and probably the only thing that keeps me pushing, keeps me going.

Your WHY has to be very clear and has to be incredibly powerful. Whatever it is, write it down and look at it and read it as often as you can. It will keep you going on even on days when you want to call it quits. 

Most people never make it because their why was not strong enough.

Believe that if anyone can do it, it is YOU.