How I deal with anxiety and stress

When I moved to Mumbai, I was not prepared for the routine, the traffic, the pollution and hours of commute. My body and mind were under immense stress.

The welcome results of stress - I slept…a lot. The unwelcome results -a backache, loss of appetite or overeating, tension in my jaws to the point of pain, acute acne. In the recent years, the back ache has become worse to the point that it leaves me bed ridden for at least an entire day. 

I have realized that spending too many hours hunched over my laptop, the back breaking commute and not giving enough time to myself to rest, I was heading towards this fate.

When it was time to get working on the re-launch of this website, I listed down all the things that needed to be done, including breaks. Yes, my schedule has compulsory break time, daily breaks, weekly breaks and monthly breaks.

What do I do to schedule break?

The calendar on my phone pings twice a day to remind me to stop, drop and take a break. During this time, I either take a small walk around workstation/house or flex my body and take mindful moments.

The other thing I do is drink water. Just plain water. I drink water when I feel anxious and stressed. I am not sure if there is any science behind it but it just makes me feel better instantly.

How I de-stress after a hectic day/week/month.

Make a refreshing drink

Pamper yourself