Become My Beta Reader

The Rajput is my next novel scheduled to release in 2017. 

What's it about?
What happens when someone's hobby leads to the death of a family member. Hidden secrets from history and a complicated family - will these get in the way of two people who are falling in love despite all the odds stacked up against them.

I am looking for feedback from on my manuscript and would love for you to be in my beta readers team. 
Does it sound something like you'd be interested in doing? 

Here is how it works?
Fill in your details below and let me know what will make you a perfect fit.
I'll get in touch, and we'll get to the details then.

What I want you to know?

  • It's NOT a paid opportunity.
  • You'll be reading a work-in-progress, so there will be some issues.
  • There will be a two weeks deadline.
  • You'll sign an NDA (Nondisclosure Agreement).
  • There will be a questionnaire you will have to fill.

Are you game?

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